Find the track that’s right for you.

Take a look at each of Israel Your Way’s five immersive tracks that enable you to explore Israel based on your unique interests.

technology & innovation

SPEND TIME with innovators and startups that are pioneering global technology and creating social change – like ReWalk Robotics, Vibe Israel and Waze

ENCOUNTER groundbreaking, high-tech inventions focused on revolutionizing artificial intelligence, robotics, medicine, environmental protection, genetics and more

EXPERIENCE Israel’s renowned startup culture and understand how it is reshaping the global conversation about the Jewish state

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arts culture & culinary

ENJOY behind-the- scenes access to Israel’s leading artists and performers, including an exclusive performance by the acclaimed Batsheva Dance Company

EXPLORE Israel’s rapidly growing contemporary art and architecture scenes with local urban artists

TASTE the unique, revolutionary flavors of Israel’s markets, street food, and growing beer and wine scenes, guided by local culinary experts and chefs

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spirituality & religion

EXPERIENCE the ever-evolving state of Judaism and discover myriad perspectives
on merging Judaism
with social activism

IMMERSE YOURSELF in Israel’s multitude of religious communities, including Judaism, Druze, Baha’i, Christianity and Islam, as well as innovative coexistence efforts

TAKE PART in inspiring workshops sharing global outlooks on Jewish identity, pluralism, sustainability, meditation, mysticism and spirituality

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politics & security

EXPLORE Israel’s border security and unique role in the Middle East guided by leading experts, military officers and diplomats

BECOME AN EXPERT on issues related to social change in Israeli society, the complexities of Israel’s security and borders, the region’s water and resource issues, and the rising tide of fundamentalism in the Middle East

DISCOVER the Israeli military and other organizations’ innovative efforts to lead counterterrorism, build equality for women and minorities, and care for refugees

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explore Israel

Families with children | Adults only

EXPERIENCE the breathtaking sights of Israel – surfing in the Mediterranean, hiking and Jeep rides through Israel’s north, and a graffiti tour of Jerusalem

MEET INSPIRING locals who are reshaping Israeli society, building bridges of coexistence, and leading unique Middle East peace efforts

IMMERSE YOURSELF in Israeli culture through Israel’s fascinating culinary scene, military, and sports and martial arts (including a hands-on Krav Maga lesson)

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*These DRAFT itineraries are subject to change. Please check back often for updates.

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