Genetic Screening for Jewish Palm Beach

Get Ahead of Your Health. Protect Your Family and Your Future. Get Screened.

We care about keeping you, your family, friends and community healthy. That’s why we are helping you access genetic testing that could save you or your child’s life.

We are partnering with JScreen, a leading national, public health initiative whose goal is to prevent genetic diseases and promote healthy families by providing access to testing. Screening is done at home with an easy-to-use saliva test, and results are provided by a genetic counselor via telehealth.


Knowledge is power when it comes to risk for cancer and reproductive genetic diseases. One simple saliva test can give you, your family and our community longevity, peace of mind and a vibrant life. JScreen’s testing will help determine you and your family’s risks by analyzing BRCA genes and over 60 other cancer-susceptibility genes, as well as 200 genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs and cystic fibrosis. This process can save your life or the lives of your children.


Do you have questions about genetic testing? Click here.

When you’re ready, click here to request your kit and use the code JPBCARES when you’re checking out to access the discount of $100 off your order.


We are extremely grateful to the Jacobson Family Foundation, whose generosity is enabling this reduced rate for members of our community.

To learn more about this initiative, contact Marla Topiol at 561.242.6629 or marla.topiol@jewishpalmbeach.org.