Anne & Sam Klein Literacy Program

It’s exciting that we’re in the 21st year of the Anne & Sam Klein Literacy Program. Working with children in public schools is vital and important to their success. The Jewish Volunteer Center and the Anne & Sam Klein Literacy Program are proud to offer three ways you can connect with elementary school students in our community: Reading Express, Reading Together and Project Specialists.

Reading Express
Reading Express engages groups of volunteers from around Palm Beach County during select months of the school year. During Reading Express months, groups of volunteers will meet at the designated school, with each volunteer bringing a new book. Groups will be given guidance as to the types of books the children/classroom need. The volunteers will visit a pre-determined classroom together and share the book with individual children or in small groups. The books will be left in the classroom for the students to take home and build their personal libraries. Register Now

Reading Together
For those who prefer working with individual students, the Reading Together program still offers that opportunity. Volunteers will make a commitment to provide one-on-one tutoring to their assigned student(s) for at least 30 minutes per week. During this time, the volunteer and the selected student(s) will work together to increase student engagement and success in literacy. Students who are chosen to participate in the program with the volunteers will be given literacy materials (books, notebooks, etc.) during select times of the year. Register Now

Project Specialists
Volunteers all come with specialties, and our plan is to create a database of specialist volunteers. Project Specialists offer their time and talent to help with drama, construction, writing, illustration, etc.; they also can assist with any special requests by the school or teacher that enhances literacy instruction. These specialized volunteers will be going into the classrooms for a short period of time that is agreed upon by the volunteer and the school or teacher making the request. Register Now

For questions or more information, please contact Alana Weinstein at or 561.242.6651.

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