Coronavirus has made life more stressful these days. And for tens of thousands of parents in Palm Beach County who are sending their elementary, middle and high school children back to school during the Fall of 2020 – that is especially true.

Regardless of whether our community’s children return to a virtual classroom or an in-person classroom, parents are left to worry for their physical, mental, academic and emotional health. Educators have the same concerns about their students, their own children and themselves.

That’s why residents of the Palm Beaches are fortunate that our community’s Jewish day school, Meyer Prep, is providing so many families a reprieve from much of that stress. With new principal Lucy DeVries on board, Meyer is offering several options including in-person learning for families of Kindergarten through 8th graders starting the first week of September, as well as online alternatives.

School leaders created these options after receiving input from experts in health, technology and academics. Each option will deliver high-quality education from experienced teachers while taking into account evolving health concerns.

It’s no wonder that enrollment has surged with dozens of new families choosing to send their children there.

Earlier in the pandemic, we spotlighted Meyer for the way the school made several very quick adjustments so that all students could receive daily online instruction directly from their own teachers. That is something most schools could not accomplish. This flexibility, coupled with the incredible dedication of its faculty, made it possible for each child to learn without interruption.

Meyer has been a shining star in the Palm Beaches since the 1973-1974 school year, and we are proud that it continues to evolve for the 2020-2021 school year in order to meet the changing needs of its families.