Campus Resources for High School and College Students

This is your non-preachy guide to online learning about Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Antisemitism, and where to get good shakshuka in Israel!

While you’re enjoying all that high school and college life has to offer, it’s also quite possible that you’ll bump up against some negative opinions about Israel and about Jewish people.

Here are some ways – using videos, podcasts, newsfeeds and social media feeds – to learn how to respond.

[On a lighter note, we’re including some great places to check out when you go on Birthright Israel and other Israel experiences.]

Good Stuff About the History, Culture and Politics
of Israel and the Jewish People


History of Israel Explained
[New perspectives that will challenge what you thought you knew about Israel.]


Israeli-Palestinian Context
[Exploration of the conflict from multiple angles. Turns superficial opinions into nuanced opinions.]

StandWithUs TV
[The definitive library of Jewish history and Israeli culture]


Zionism: New Goals & Old Struggles
[A video Op-Ed from Professor Gil Troy]



Israel Story
[Real Israelis doing extraordinary things.]

The Branch
[A glimpse into the everyday lives of Jews and Arabs in Israel.]

Unpacking Israeli History
[A self-confessed history nerd gives all the angles on controversial and interesting events.]

Us Among the Israelis
[A lighter take on what it’s like to live in Israel.]


Alma’s Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
[Short articles on many aspects of the conflict written from a nuanced perspective.]


Map of West Bank Areas A, B & C
[Do you know there is an Area A, Area B and Area C in the West Bank? Here’s a visual layout of what area is controlled by what government.]

Timeline of Israel’s History
[Let’s go back. Way back.]


Best Shakshuka in Israel  

5 Best Places for Hummus

Best Falafel in Jerusalem


Peeps You Should Know and Follow When it Comes to
All Things Jewish and Israel

[Hint: Look for their Instagram, Twitter, Op-Eds. etc]

Feeds You Should Follow or Subscribe to When it Comes to
Israel & Jewish News


This resource page and toolkit is a joint project of Jewish Federation of Broward County and Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

Our deepest appreciation goes to OpenDor Media / Unpacked, Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, Hillel International, StandWithUs and AIPAC for their collaboration in creating this page.