Federation Adopts Inclusivity Statement

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County’s Inclusivity Statement, which was adopted by Federation’s Board of Directors on May 12, 2022, supports the mission and vision of Federation, along with its Core Values (which were adopted in 2021). Together, these elements are shaping the culture of our organization.

Federation’s Inclusivity Statement was developed through a process of input and information-gathering from staff and lay leadership; a variety of community stakeholders; research of best practices from Jewish organizations and institutions in North America; a collaboration of Federation’s Executive Office, Mandel Center for Leadership Development, Human Resources; and thorough vetting and guidance from Federation’s Human Resources Chair and Committee.

The statement reads:

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County embraces a culture of diversity and inclusivity in accordance with our Jewish values. We celebrate the uniqueness of our community members, lay partners, and staff as varied perspectives enrich our learning and reinforce our commitment to making the world a better place. We aim to create an accessible environment that accommodates individual needs and welcomes the full participation of our community.

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