Our Impact in Israel – November 2023

Since the October 7 attacks on Israel, Jewish Palm Beach has immediately jumped into action to care for our extended family in Israel.

Powered by contributions to our Israel Terror Relief Fund, Federation is distributing millions of dollars to our partners on the ground in Israel. Below is a breakdown of how your contributions are being used.

How We are Distributing Israel Terror Relief Fund Contributions

Additional Work for Our Partnership Region of TZAHAR and Israelis in Palm Beach

  • Emergency equipment for first responders in each of our partnership cities, including protective vests, helmets, and flashlights.
  • Relief projects for Tzfat Kabbalah Center, including weekly programs for evacuated families and Shabbat meals for soldiers.
  • General needs for people in TZAHAR region, including lighting, generators and laptops.
  • Books, games and crafts for safe rooms and bomb shelters, which are a part of daily life in Israel.
  • Resources for Israelis in the Palm Beaches, such as housing and trauma counseling.