The Core Values of Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County support the vision and shape the culture of our organization. They provide clarity and definition for the essence of Federation’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy of values that guide our work.

Backed by ample research into the impact of Core Values on an organization’s people and practices, Federation’s Core Values have been established to guide institutional decision-making; educate and inspire our leaders, donors and staff; and serve as a primary tool to recruit and retain the most impactful leadership and professional team.

core value #1:

We are a Kehillah – Hebrew for “community”.

• Leading and convening as the “City Hall” of our Jewish community.
• Building meaningful connections and trusted relationships with one another.
• Reminding each other that we are all connected and vital parts of one community
• Bringing people together as a cohesive and powerful force. 

core value #2:

We believe in a caring, kind and compassionate community.

• Committing ourselves to the Jewish principle Tikkun Olam – “repairing the world.”

• Being there for people who are struggling, especially in the face of adversity.
• Joining together with our broader community to reflect our shared values.
• Upholding civility in our work to strengthen and support our community.

core value #3:

We live the Jewish value of K’lal Yisrael – a shared commitment to Jewish people around the world.

• Taking responsibility for the Jewish people locally, in Israel and around the world – Kol arevim zeh b’zeh.

• Reinforcing a sense of responsibility for our community, today and tomorrow.

• Reminding each other that we are all part of something larger than ourselves.

core value #4:

We are welcoming and inclusive.

• Embracing all ages, backgrounds, abilities, identities, orientations and perspectives.

• Building bridges throughout the broader community.

• Accepting our differences and treating one another with respect.

• Encouraging diversity and multiculturalism.

core value #5:

We champion the importance of Jewish learning.

• Sharing the beauty of Jewish history, text, values and traditions and passing it on to future generations – L’Dor V’Dor.

• Striving for excellence, encouraging innovation and fostering creativity.

• Encouraging one another to be impactful leaders, teachers and learners.

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