Something truly remarkable is happening in Jewish Palm Beach.

In 2018, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County worked with the Cohen Center at Brandeis University – one of the country’s leading research entities – to launch a groundbreaking Jewish Community Study.

The numbers and ideas that have come out of the study will lay the groundwork for how our community will inform how we make decisions, determine strategic priorities and allocate resources over the next decade.

Let’s work together to make the Palm Beaches into the shining example of Jewish communities everywhere.

This Jewish community is incredibly unique in that it is growing, diverse and multigenerational.

166,800 people live in
78,000 Jewish households
(21% population increase)

22,200 children live in
Jewish households (+88%)

Median age dropped to 60
(down from 70 in 2005)

Growing diversity is bringing drastic changes for how people want to experience Jewish life and connect to their Jewish values, traditions and identity.

56% of Jewish children are being raised by intermarried parents (21% population increase)

31% of children in Jewish households are being raised by a single parent

88% of local Jewish adults feel connected to Israel

There are thousands of economically insecure people in our Jewish community.

20% of the Jewish community describe themselves as just getting along, nearly poor or poor

29% of Jewish households include someone with a chronic health issue, disability or special need

6,000 households are seeking services from a Jewish communal provider but not receiving them

*All comparisons are in relation to the 2005 Palm Beaches Jewish Community Study.

What's Next for Jewish Palm Beach

Click here to read the results and outcomes of the Jewish Community Study.

Jewish Community Study 2019

Click here to download the full 2018 Palm Beaches Jewish community study.


The 2018 Palm Beaches Jewish Community Study was possible through the remarkable generosity and vision of:

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation
Arlene Kaufman & Sanford Baklor
Rita & Charles Bronfman

Nancy & Joel Hart
MorseLife Health System

Jewish Community Study Task Force

Jim Baldinger, Chair
Alyson Seligman, Vice Chair
Andrew Comiter
Rabbi Leonid Feldman
Paul Fine
Malka Fingold

Libby Fishman
Christopher Goldberg
Alan Haspel
Alan Newman
Lynn Peseckis
Ellen Rampell

Brad Saft
Holly Sokoloff
Sarah Shullman
Nancy Sims
Amy Terwilleger
Elissa Vessal

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