Mandel Leadership Institute (MLI)

MLI is focused on developing individuals who demonstrate the propensity and desire for high-caliber training in advanced Jewish leadership.

MLI emphasizes leadership, the idea of Jewish peoplehood, and key issues related to your role in the community. With curriculum developed by renowned leadership guru Dr. Erica Brown, MLI participants are exposed to thought-provoking and practical materials that can be applied to their leadership in the community.

For more information, contact Lindsay Hirsch, Sr. Director of Leadership Development, at 561.242.6638 or lindsay.hirsch@jewishpalmbeach.org.


MLI Cohort #4

Amy Garelick


Meryl Avni
Rorri Geller-Mohamed
Stephanie Gitlin
Ilene Goldstein
Cecilia Holtz
Robin Kanel


Renee Kessler
Iris Kiner
Michelle Kohn
Barri Litt-White
Traci Rollins
Emily Schachtel


Lisa Seymour
Holly Sokoloff
Sydelle Sonkin
Lauren Stuhmer
Lisa Zwig Gerstein

MLI Alumni

Audrey Ades
Andrew Alminana
Sara Balas Densen
Peter Bendetson
Jonathan Chane
Samuel Cohen
Andrew Comiter
Stacey Ellison

Ivy Faske
David Friedlander
Amy Garelick
David Ginsberg
Gary Hoffman
Scott Holtz
Adam Jackowitz
Ilan Kaufer

Michael Kugler
Stacey Lampert
Patti Lehrhoff
Andrea Rosenberg
Peter Sandquist
Alyson Seligman
Jeff Silver

Shayne Silver
Richard Stein
Jennifer Thaw
Elissa Vessal
Beth Wayne
Helene Weingarten
Carolyn Yasuna

MLI Cohort #4 Facilitators

David Levy

David brings leadership and professional expertise to this Cohort 4, with extensive experience in the nonprofit sector. His areas of knowledge include professional/volunteer relations, financial resource development and leadership. Serving on the faculty of the Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit.

Lindsay Hirsch

Since 2017, Lindsay has been the Director of Leadership Development for Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County to sustain a successful young leadership program, manage a high-caliber community training in advance Jewish leadership and engage the growing Jewish population in Palm Beach County. She works closely with all Federation departments, community agencies and synagogues to create partnerships and a leadership pipeline. Lindsay directly facilitates the Emerging Leadership Program (ELP) and the Mandel Leadership Institute (MLI). Her experience is come to Jewish Palm Beach in a variety of community-based programs, engagement work, and networking among diverse groups of leaders.

Why am I involved?

“The Mandel Center for Leadership empowers both volunteer and professional leaders to meet the new challenges of this quickly evolving world. It provides the tools for the community to develop new generations of committed and focused individuals who will enhance the interconnected Jewish community of Palm Beach County, the nation and our world.”

~ Steve Ellison

Why am I involved?

“MLI is an ideal opportunity for people looking to take the next step as leaders in our community. With a nationally recognized curriculum by a Jewish communal leadership icon, MLI will empower the next great leaders of this community to strengthen their ability to be inspiring and impactful.”
~ Jonathan Chane

Interested in getting involved?

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For more information contact Lindsay Hirsch, Director, Leadership Development, at 561.242.6638 or lindsay.hirsch@jewishpalmbeach.org