The Robert S. & Ceil N. Levy Young Leadership Award recognizes young leaders who devote time and energy to better the Jewish community of the Palm Beaches. 

Named for the founders of Federation’s young leadership division, the award has honored dozens of young leaders in the Palm Beaches who have continued building toward the Levys’ vision of a strong, vibrant Jewish community.

2019 Young Leadership Award Winners

Robert S. Levy (z”l)

“It’s emotional to me to see young leaders providing hope that the Jewish heritage will continue.”
– Robert S. Levy 

Know a young leader in the Palm Beaches?

Past Award Winners:

Tami Baldinger
Barry Berg
Jonathan Chane
Andrew R. Comiter
Sara Balas Densen
Jill Fenster
Jonathan Gilbert
Susan Handler

Michelle Jacobson
Amy Jonas
Michael Jonas
Michael Lampert
Gary S. Lesser
Jennifer Lesser
Lisa Lickstein
Jeffrey Mooallem

Justin Paul
Shaina Rappoport
Alyson Seligman
Brian Seymour
Lisa Seymour
Debbie Shapiro
Kevin Shapiro
Geoff Stahl

Craig S. Storch
Muriel Strosberg
Lauren Stuhmer
Paul Michael Tochner
Beth Wayne
Mark E. Yadgaroff


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