Visionary leadership for our collective Jewish future

Jewish Palm Beach Leadership Circle celebrates the visionary leaders of Jewish Palm Beach who provide the steadfast support needed today. Members create transformative philanthropic impact through their ongoing commitment of $50,000 or more to Federation’s Annual Campaign.

The inspirational philanthropy of the Leadership Circle sets an example for leadership giving, which is critical to our collective Jewish future. Members exemplify the Jewish value of K’lal Yisrael (a shared commitment to one another) while embracing and responding to the anticipated and unforeseen needs of the community.


2022-2023 Honorary Chairs

“It is our responsibility and duty as Jews to offer support to the most vulnerable among us.”

– Richard A. Friedman

“I have a philosophy which I refer to as ‘engaged philanthropy,’ which means I like to be actively engaged in the organizations I support. The Palm Beach Jewish community needs that support.”

– Peter May

“Partnering with local organizations such as the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County is even more critical during this unprecedented and uncertain time. We have a responsibility, wherever and however possible, to continue to support their primary role and mission of being there for you, us and our community.”

– Jonathan Tisch

Members are acknowledged annually on Federation’s website and in several publications, including the Palm Beach Daily News, and Federation’s Honor Roll, in addition to being listed as the H. Irwin Levy Founders Event Committee. Leadership Circle members also benefit from Federation’s VIP concierge service to arrange curated site visits and family volunteer opportunities.

Our Community is Growing

While some of us have enjoyed life in Palm Beach for years, we are now seeing a significant migration of new and younger residents from all over the country. This community is now recognized as “Wall Street South,” with many employees of financial services firms establishing roots here. As we continue to flourish as a center of Jewish life, we anticipate 200,000 people will live in local Jewish households by 2026.

The Jewish Palm Beach Leadership Circle plans for this growth in a way that sets an inspirational example for Jewish communities worldwide.

We are building, leading and advancing Jewish Palm Beach through an exciting era considerably different from the one our community founders created six decades ago. This requires enterprising, thinking, and planning for existing and future needs: 
  • Mental health services for people of all ages, with special attention to young parents  
  • Financial assistance for families so they can participate in Jewish life
  • Nutritious meals for those facing economic uncertainty
  • Programs to proactively combat antisemitism and anti-Israel activity   
  • Security resources for local Jewish organizations and life-saving emergency preparedness training

Your commitment is making it possible to help thousands of people like Jennifer and Abe.

Jennifer is a single mom supporting her two children on a $50,000 annual income as a teacher. Although she is a professional, the high cost of living in the Palm Beaches is preventing Jennifer from addressing anything but her family’s most basic needs such as housing, food and utilities. She cannot make her budget stretch any further to have her children attend Jewish preschool or religious school, nor can she afford synagogue membership.

Jennifer knows the Jewish community is there for her.

She received emergency cash assistance to help offset the cost of her rent, and scholarships are now covering a large portion of childcare expenses at a Jewish preschool. Jennifer’s children are now exposed to the beauty of Jewish life and learning, and Jennifer is connected with our Jewish community.

Abe, a 95-year-old widower, receives services he desperately needs. He is legally blind and no longer mobile, his wife recently died, and he has no children to help support him. Abe lost his parents and siblings in Ukraine during the Holocaust. He is surviving on a meager budget from food stamps and social security.

Abe knows the Jewish community is there for him.

His overall health is improving since he started receiving meal deliveries, nursing services and volunteer visits. Abe has also been fitted for hearing aids and eyeglasses.




Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County invests in organizations and programs which are vital to our mission. As part of our strategic planning, we work closely with lay leaders throughout the year to determine the community’s most pressing priorities.

We then distribute funds to the nonprofit organizations and programs listed below, which are located in the Palm Beaches, Israel and 70 countries around the world. Each provides critical services and demonstrates measurable outcomes.

You can find descriptions of all of our partners and programs at jewishpb.org/partners

Jewish Palm Beach Leadership Circle Members

Mindy & Gene Aaron
Anita & Marc Abramowitz
Earl Abramson z”l  & Sheila Schlaggar
Abramson Foundation
Marilyn & Bruce Alexander
Daris & Martin Alloy
Cindy Anderson & Jerome Canty
Arlene I. Kaufman z”l  & Sanford M. Baklor
Judy & Ron Baron
Herbert Bearman Foundation
Marjorie G. & Barry S. Berg
Eileen Berman
Judy & Howard Bernick
Kay & Peter Bernon
Jill & Jay Bernstein
Vanessa & Anthony Beyer
Mickey & Lawrence Beyer
Penny & Harold Blumenstein
Roberta & Stanley Bogen
Tina & Jeffrey Bolton
Kristin & Jason Brauth
Rita & Charles Bronfman
Shirlee Brown z”l
Clo & Charles S. Cohen
John D. Cohen
Julie F. & Peter D. Cummings
Christine & Alan Curtis
Barbara & Harold Danenberg
Ronnie Di Paolo & Laddie Stern
Bonnie Dwares
Frances & Kenneth Eisenberg
Tootsie & Mark Eisenberg
Natalie & Edward Emerson
Ken Endelson
Gail & Alfred Engelberg
Lynn & Stuart Epstein
Diane & Neil Exter
Sara & Charles Fabrikant
Susan & Leonard Feinstein
Beth & Richard Fentin
Elizabeth & Matthew Feuer
Phyllis & Paul Fireman
Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation
Margie & Steve Fiverson
Phylis P. Fogelson
Audrey & James Foster
Susan & Richard A. Friedman
Susan & Alan Fuirst
Alice & Nathan Gantcher
Lori & Bruce Gendelman
Maxine & Ira Gluskin

Suzanne & John Golden
Linda & Ray Golden
Elizabeth & Benjamin Golden
Helaine & Fred Gould
Jeff & Mei Sze Greene
J. Ira z”l  & Nicki Harris Family Foundation
Nancy & Joel Hart
Esther & Robert Heller
Jane & Kenneth Henley
Janet & Arthur Hershaft
Marina & Andrew Jacobson
Kathy & Mitchell Jacobson
Sheila & Bob Josephberg
Allison & Warren Kanders
Francine & Steven Katz
Marilyn L. & Stanley M. Katz
Elaine & Henry Kaufman
Dorothy & Sidney Kohl
Anne E. Koons
Roberta & Paul Kozloff
Jane & Arnold Lampert
Liz Lange & David Shapiro
Lisa Leder
Mindy Schneider & Michael Lesser, M.D.
Syndie T. Levien
Cindy Levine & Marc Solomon
Simone & David Levinson
Karen & Paul Levy
Wendy & Larry Levy
Stacey K. & Mark F. Levy
Vivian Lieberman
Cynthia & Peter Liebman
Erna & Sam Liebovich
Vicki & Arthur S. Loring
Justina & Gary Lowenthal in memory of Lester and Beatrice Meinstein
Bente S. Lyons
Sondra & David S. Mack
Phyllis & William L. Mack
Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Foundation
Susan & Morris Mark
Iris Markel
Patricia Raber Max & Kenneth Max
Leni & Peter May
William A. Meyer
Barbara Mines & Susan Mines
Hilarie & Mitchell Morgan
David Moscow
Anita & Robert Naftaly
Bonnie Osher & Peter Sherman, M.D.
Terry & Claude Oster
Stacy & Keith Palagye
Pamela & Edward S. Pantzer

Myrna & Spencer Partrich
Susan & Ronnie Pertnoy
Lynn & Frank Peseckis
Ina & Murray Pitt
Dr. & Mrs. David Rabinowitz
Barbara & Frank Resnek
Patty & Charles Ribakoff
George and Martha Rich Foundation
Debbie & Cliff Robbins
Elizabeth Rose
The Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
Leslie & Thomas A. Rosin
Susan & Darrell Ross
Lyn M. Ross
Harriet & Eric Rothfeld
Robin & Mark Rubenstein
Dundi & Lyon Sachs
Cyma & Edward Satell
Eva & Marvin Schlanger
Marjorie & Richard Schneidman
Joan Serchuck
Marsha & Jerry Seslowe Philanthropic Fund
Debra Shapiro
Betsy R. & Richard Sheerr
Shirley & Jack Silver
Marlene & Martin Silver
Hope & Gene Silverman
Lainey & Beryl Simonson
Paul E. Singer Foundation
Barbara & Randy Smith
Judy & Robert Snyder
Carol Solomon & Charles Tapiero
Sydelle B. Sonkin
Abigail Klem Spector & Warren Spector
Diane & Marc Spilker
Lisa & Steven Tananbaum
Robyn & Leonard Tannenbaum
Rita & Burton Tansky
A. Alfred Taubman Foundation
Linda & Myron z”l  Teitelbaum
Nicole & David Tepper and The Tepper Foundation
Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch
Robbi & Bruce Toll
Wendy & Douglas Topkis
Simone & Kerry Vickar
Penni & Steve Weinberg
Helene & David Weingarten
Beth & Leonard Wilf
Jane & Mark Wilf
Christine Hikawa & David Windreich
Marilyn & Walter Wolpin
Paula & Jeffrey Yormak

As of 4.8.24

For more information, contact Kate Lester, Assistant VP for Development, at kate.lester@jewishpalmbeach.org or 561.242.6668.

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