As part of our efforts to form strong bonds with our global Jewish family, we proudly nurture a budding partnership between the Palm Beaches and the vibrant Jewish community of Budapest, Hungary.

Strengthening Jewish life where it was once nearly wiped out, the Palm Beaches’ partnership with the Jewish community of Budapest supports the city’s Jewish community center, leadership development programs, human services and more.

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The Jewish Community Center in Budapest, like ours in the Palm Beaches, is a center for Jewish life and activity. The JCC provides Jewish-centric experiences for children and families, Jewish learning, holiday celebrations, and networking opportunities for professionals and other groups. A signature program of the Budapest JCC is Judafest – a beloved, annual cultural festival celebrating Jewish pride in the city center.

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In a nearby rural area, Camp Szarvas is a summer camp that brings together young Jews from across Europe to rediscover their Jewish heritage. Over the decades, Szarvas has become so much more than a summer camp, or even a hub for Jewish learning. Today, it is the global home for reinvigorated Jewish identity that is fueling communities across Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Camp Szarvas hosts 1,600 Jewish campers every summer. Camp Szarvas is a program of our global Jewish partner organization, JDC.

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Mozaik Jewish Community Hub is a platform that offers Jewish professionals in Budapest co-working space, professional resources, learning and financial support for them to lead service projects and organizations that benefit the Jewish community. Mozaik Jewish Community Hub is a program of our global Jewish partner organization, JDC.

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