Since 1995, we have proudly nurtured the Palm Beaches’ sister-city relationship with Israel’s amazing TZAHAR region.

Comprised of the cities Tzfat, Hatzor HaGlilit and Rosh Pina, TZAHAR is a unique and fascinating area in Israel. Through our long-standing partnership, we build a shared and thriving Jewish future by connecting people in our respective communities, while strengthening leadership and involvement across our two parts of the world.

This prestigious program brings together a group of teens in TZAHAR, who participate in a year-long journey together with teens in the Palm Beaches. During the program, teens join together to discuss social values, the importance of Jewish identity, national issues and the value of community leadership. Ambassadors visit their counterparts in the Palm Beaches, where they have an immersive experience learning about Jewish communities outside of Israel and participating in American Jewish life. The Young Ambassadors in TZAHAR host teens from the Palm Beaches during their visit.

To strengthen Jewish identity and understand the importance of global peoplehood, students in the TZAHAR region regularly communicate with students in the Palm Beaches at local schools and synagogues, including Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Preparatory School. Students form meaningful friendships through virtual discussions, shared projects and letters. Supported by Federation’s Commission for Jewish Education and Parternship2Gether, educators in the two regions exchange knowledge and ideas, resulting in the development of a joint curriculum rooted in our Jewish values.

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Like the ELP program in Jewish Palm Beach, HORIZON in TZAHAR brings together young professionals who grow as leaders in their local region and the global Jewish community, driven by social responsibility. The program inspires young leaders to create community action and develop projects that identify as imperative to creating significant change to their region. ELP participants in Israel connect with their Palm Beach counterparts, visiting each other’s communities and learning firsthand of the challenges and opportunities they face, working together for the benefit of both communities.

Each year, our partnership provides financial grants for innovative initiatives in the TZAHAR region that further support community involvement and support development that benefits the region. One project we support is a Resource Development and Fundraising Course, which provides professional workshops for individuals in TZAHAR to develop skills for organizational sustainability and resource development for leaders and professionals across the area. In collaboration with courses at local colleges, participants learn to strengthen organizations and programs through development from a diversity of sources including government, foundations, community support, private individuals and local businesses.

Hundreds of people from the Palm Beaches visit TZAHAR every year – including families, delegations from synagogues and organizations, and private travelers. Visitors benefit from welcoming hospitality, including the offer for home hospitality, tours of the beautiful region, and visits to programs that showcase the far-reaching impact of Partnership2Gether over the years.

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We consider the region our “home away from home.” On Federation-led travel experiences, spending time in TZAHAR is always a significant aspect of our journey. In addition, we encourage you to spend time in the TZAHAR region during your personal travels in Israel. Our friends there are eager to welcome you and ensure you have a meaningful experience. If you are planning a trip to Israel and are interested in visiting TZAHAR, please contact david.guzikoswki@jewishpalmbeach.org.

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