Focused around eight strategic priorities, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County is spearheading a bold approach aimed at strengthening our role, expanding our impact and nurturing enduring Jewish experiences.

These directions fall into two categories: Core Functions and Operations.



Growing Total Financial Resource Development and the Donor Pipeline

Building upon our commitment to ensuring donors feel welcomed and appreciated – while maintaining flexibility to navigate unforeseen challenges and emerging opportunities – we will integrate our efforts and initiatives. This involves engaging community members in relevant causes, activating their participation through giving, and enhancing our philanthropic advisory services.


Catalyzing Deeper Engagement and Connecting People with Jewish Life

Focused on deepening our expanding community’s involvement in Jewish life, we aim to inspire engagement through meaningful, relevant programs that reflect the growing diversity of our community.


Strengthening the Network of Community Partners and Agencies

Flourishing Partnerships are crucial to serving the evolving needs of Jewish Palm Beach. Federation will enhance our research and development role to identify unmet needs, nurture innovative programs, and foster alliances and collaboration between community organizations.


Increasing Awareness to Combat Antisemitism and Hatred

In the face of rising levels of antisemitism, we are committed to enhancing the safety and security of Jewish Palm Beach. Amplifying our visibility and stance against all forms of hatred, we aim to strengthen relationships with non-Jewish allies, and provide strategic and financial resources to grantees and partner organizations.


Deepening Relationships to Israel and Global Jewish Peoplehood

Recognizing the ongoing needs emerging after October 7 we will mobilize our community, to support Jews in crisis worldwide. Through volunteerism, philanthropy and educational programs, our commitment involves fostering a nuanced understanding of Israel’s complexities and strengthening connections with the global Jewish community.



Building Federation Capacity and Prioritizing Lay and Professional Talent

To elevate our capabilities and achieve long-term goals, we will attract and retain top professional talent, develop expertise through mentorship and coaching, and build a robust cohort of volunteer leaders to guide our organization forward.


Centering People Through Operational Excellence

To achieve operational excellence, our strategy includes investments in advanced information technology, streamlined data systems, and comprehensive staff training initiatives. These upgrades empower us to optimize procedures, ensure information accuracy, and improve fundraising, leadership, and engagement experiences across diverse constituencies. By providing superior experiences for donors, leaders, volunteers, and other stakeholders, we will strengthen relationships and pave the way for sustained growth.


Metrics, Planning and Research

Robust and insightful planning, research and metrics are essential to serving our growing and sophisticated community. We will prioritize a data management strategy for programmatic investments, ensuring real-time data collection for informed decision-making will strengthen our position as a hub for data-driven insights about the current and future state of Jewish Palm Beach.