Voting in Florida During Coronavirus

Published June 10, 2020

Voting During Coronavirus

Upcoming Election Dates:
Primary Election: Tuesday, August 18, 2020
General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is committed to helping you be an active, informed and impactful member of our community. As voting is an essential way to effect change and have your voice heard, it is important that you understand your voting options during the coronavirus pandemic.

Registered voters in Florida have three options for voting:

  • Voting by Mail: With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus over the coming months, this offers you the least amount of exposure to other people. Make an online request that your ballot be mailed to you, or call the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) of Palm Beach County at 561.656.6200. You can return your postage-free ballot through the mail, in a drop-box at an early voting location or in person at any of the SOE’s four offices. You can track your ballot here to make sure it has been received by the SOE’s office.
  • Early Voting: Cast your ballot at any of the SOE’s early voting sites. Waiting times tend to be shorter during early voting, which may allow you to avoid long lines you might face at your own polling station on Election Day. For times and dates of early voting, click here 30 days before Election Day.
  • Polling Places on Election Day: You will still be able to vote on Election Day, but your options may be more limited than usual. The SOE has said several locations previously used as polling places no longer want to offer up their facilities because of the coronavirus; consequently, there will be fewer polling places and many will be moved to different locations. In addition, a large number of poll workers have decided they do not want to put their own health at risk by interacting with voters. Although the SOE office has indicated it will try to have high standards of sanitation and social distancing at the polls to keep voters and workers safe, it is encouraging voters to register to vote by mail.

For information about voting, the ballot, the candidates and how to register to vote, visit the SOE’s website or call 561.656.6200.