By Josephine Gon
Vice President, Jewish Community Relations Council
Published December 8, 2021

We’ve watched in shock and dismay over the past 20 years as the old hatred of antisemitism has re-reared its ugly head in Europe. Many thought we, in America, were immune from this resurgence, but swiftly and violently Jews in America, are also targets for that unique hatred. The FBI statistics (2019) confirm this. Attacks on Jews accounted for 60.3% of all religion-based hate crimes. The highest, by a wide margin, of any targeted religious group.

Yet, to judge by the level of reporting on this in the mainstream media, one would have no idea just how bad it has become. In fact, most Americans are completely unaware of the extent of antisemitism in the United States and around the world. A recent study by the American Jewish Committee (2020) bears this out.

That’s why the JCRC has compiled a list of recommended resources from across the political spectrum that you can turn to for balanced information about issues affecting Jews, Israel and antisemitism. These are publications, media watchdogs, blogs, organizations holding informative programs:

This list adds to the list of many resources on our website –  including those we’ve compiled specifically for high school and college students as well as all young adults – to assist in fully understanding and responding to issues impacting the Jewish people.

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