Ways to Support Israel Right Now

With innocent hostages still in captivity and continued attacks by Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, we continue to join together to stand with our family in Israel.

Here are meaningful ways you can show your solidarity, be there for the people of Israel and care for yourself:

1. Care for the people of Israel by contributing to our efforts.
Our extended Jewish family in Israel continues to suffer the effects of the war with Hamas and the October 7 terrorist massacre. Your contribution to Federation’s Annual Campaign enables our global partners to care for the growing numbers of people in Israel affected by the war by providing shelters and security in high-risk areas, protecting seniors and people with disabilities, administering trauma support, and sending medical supplies. Click here to donate. And click here to see an update on how our community’s generosity is making a difference. 

2. Support Israeli businesses.
The consequences of the war present significant risks for Israel’s businesses, exerting a staggering effect on the overall economy. Israel’s business community urgently needs your help now. Federation’s Israel Emergency Relief Business Loan Program was established to support thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, ultimately safeguarding the financial stability of hundreds of thousands of individuals and their households. Click here to support Federation’s Israel Emergency Relief Business Loan Program and/or identify an individual Israeli small business you would like to support by visiting SparkIL.

3. Demand the return of hostages in Israel.
Advocate to your elected officials and representatives, asking them to demand that the hostages be returned. Ensure they know that they must support Israel in protecting our extended family. Click here for a form to contact your representatives.

4. Subscribe to unbiased news coverage.
Sign up for accurate, unbiased news coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Register for the 10/7 Project Daybook eBlast here.

5. Connect Israelis in the Palm Beaches with community resources.
The conflict in Israel has led some Israelis to find respite in the Palm Beaches. If you know of Israeli individuals or families who are in the Palm Beaches and seeking support, please share this form (in Hebrew and English) so we can connect them with housing, financial assistance, emotional support and more.

6. Provide housing assistance to an Israeli family seeking respite.
If you can host an Israeli family or individual or have a vacant apartment or guest home for use, please complete this form.

7. Experience the Humans of October 7th photo exhibition.
In the wake of the devastating terror attacks on Israel and rising antisemitism across the globe, renowned photographer Erez Kaganovitz premiered his powerful new photography exhibit, Humans of October 7th, in the Palm Beaches. Click here to see the virtual exhibit.

8. Get inspired by reliving the March for Israel rally.
On November 14, 2023, nearly 300,000 pro-Israel supporters gathered in Washington, DC, to stand together for Israel and condemn the rise of global antisemitism. Watch the recorded event here.

9. Use the hashtag #BringThemHomeNow.
Advocate to your network and the world to bring the hostages home by adding the hashtag #BringThemHomeNow to your social media posts.

10. Educate yourself about the anti-Israel narrative.
One of the growing dangers emerging from the crisis in Israel is rampant misinformation. Utilize this resource from our Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) to understand and decode the anti-Israel narrative.

11. Take social media action.
Turn your profile picture into a statement of solidarity by downloading an I Stand with Israel graphic of your choice. Click here to select your image.

12. Participate in #blueribbonsforisrael
In a global effort of unity and solidarity for those taken hostage, wear a blue ribbon to support their safe return.  You can make your own blue ribbon or purchase blue ribbons in bulk to share with family and friends.

13. Become an overseas volunteer in Israel.
There are opportunities to volunteer in Israel to fill critical gaps including food rescue operations, labor shortages, and logistical support on Israel Defense Force bases. For more information on how you can serve, contact the Kohl Jewish Volunteer Center at volunteer@jewishpalmbeach.org.

14. See something, do something.
We are committed to the security of our vibrant Jewish community. If you see or hear of a hate incident, report it here.

15. Talk to your children.
It can be difficult to navigate conversations about the situation in Israel with your children or grandchildren. Click here for resources to have age-appropriate and honest conversations.

16. Send cards to families and soldiers in Israel.
Create beautiful cards filled with love, hope and kindness to let people know they are not alone. Simply draft your heartfelt message (hand drawn or digital), snap a photo or scan, and send to cardsforisrael@jewishpalmbeach.org.

17. Take care of your mental health.
Attend a free virtual support group session hosted by our partners at Alpert Jewish Family Service. You can register here or call 561.684.1991 for more information.