Our dedication to our extended family in Israel is unwavering Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

Federation bolsters human services, education and healthcare – and in times of crisis, we amplify our commitment to the safety and welfare of the people of Israel. Campaign for the Future strengthens our efforts and responds to Israel’s ever-changing needs.

our impact

Block 1

Mobilizing emergency relief to evacuate, house, protect and care for Israelis.


Block 2

Providing long-term trauma relief for people in crisis.


Block 3

Ensuring access to affordable housing for vulnerable populations.

Block 1

Mentoring at-risk children in Israel’s periphery.


Block 2

Enhancing safe rooms and bomb shelters – integral to Israeli life.

Block 1

Promoting an inclusive society that embraces Israel’s diverse communities.

Block 2

Guiding the Aliyah process and helping new immigrants thrive.

To discuss your involvement with Campaign for the Future and safeguarding the people of Israel, contact Matt Kernkraut, Chief Development Officer at matt@jewishpalmbeach.org or 561.242.6640