Jewish Guatemala Experience

Mission Chair: Bob Keats

Join Jewish Federation for a fascinating, once-in-a-lifetime journey through the stunning Central American country of Guatemala. Transform lives through impactful humanitarian service projects in communities of critical need. Take part in exclusive leadership briefings and meetings with government officials. Explore charming cities, taste delicious cuisine, and thank and connect with unforgettable locals in a nation that has consistently demonstrated friendship with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Your Jewish Guatemala Experience includes:

• Deluxe hotel in Antigua (1 night) and Guatemala City (2 nights)
• Breakfast daily and most meals (as mentioned in the itinerary)
• Friday night Shabbat service and dinner with the Jewish community of Guatemala City
• Humanitarian volunteer project supplies – water filters, blankets and solar lights
• Visits to Antigua, Iximche Mayan ruins and Finca Coffee Plantation
• Travel medical insurance
• Transportation, tour guide, on site coordinator and gratuities

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$899 per person based on double occupancy / $280 Single Supplement (Land only)

Cancelation Policy:
• Full refund on or before November 18, 2019
Cancelation between November 18 and December 3, 2019 – 50 percent refund
After December 3, 2019, no refund
For recommended flights or for group flight information please contact Ronit Chia at 561.242.6630.

Inspired, but can’t go this time around?
Strengthen Jewish identity in the next generation and help build future leaders by sponsoring a teen for only $499 for this incredible journey. Click here to get started.

For more information, contact Josephine Gon at 561.242.6686 or josephine.gon@jewishpalmbeach.org

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Travel and cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. Medical Insurance while traveling in Guatemala is covered. To purchase travel insurance, please contact your personal travel agent. Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the mission’s date of return to the U.S. (beyond September 2020). If you have any questions please, contact Ronit Chia at or ronit.chia@jewishpalmbeach.org or 561.242.6630.
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